Drill and Practice plan Builder

Ice Hockey, Football, Florball, Basketball, Handball, Rugby, Field Hockey, Voleyball, Laccrosse and more sports

  • Graphic Drills

    Draw your drills in advanced editor

  • Practice Plans

    Build practice plans more then easy

  • Tactics

    Animate and present your drills

  • Video

    Save your favourite movies

  • Drill Explorer

    Search in your drills

  • Cloud

    Backup and share using cloud services


  • Ice Hockey
  • Football (Soccer)
  • Basketball
  • US football
  • Multisport – universal objects, curves and rinks for more sports (floorball, inline hockey, handball, voleyball, rugby, futsal, voleyball, laccrosse, box laccrosse, field hockey, bowling, tennis).
Graphic Drills
The module enables to draw the drills, including text and key words. It is possible to devide the practice into categories and subcategories, print, import all to the practice plan or export into a few different formans. The module is equipped with vector drawing, and is possible to admit every drill into several areas.

Text Drills
This module enables to note drill described in written only, without drawings (suitable for special adjustments or creating a practice plan for the youngest players). Exluding text, there is possible to attach up to 4 photos or pictures to every drill. Written drill, as well as drawings, you can devide into categories and supcategories, print, and import to practice plans.

Drill Explorer
This module offers preview for several drills at once. Transfer into Graphic drills or directly into practice plans is possible.

Practice Plans
In this module, you can import unlimited amount of drills (written or drawings) into one practice plan. It is possible to save and devide into categories, archive, export to HTML and, of course, to print in several formats.

There is also possibility to publish practice plans in basic or extended interface. Basic interface premises graphic plan structure only, extended interface is improved of other items for coach notes.

Archive of Practice Plans
This module enables to archive practice plans.

Simple diary offers to note team events. Is possible to manage unlimited number of diaries, save unlimited amount of notes, print notes.

Player Cards
The module enables to register information about every player. The same as in a previous module, you can create unlimited number of registers for unlimited number of teams. The register contains performance submodul, monitoring players productivity.

The module enables quick access to video database, saved on a local disk or on YouTube server.

Tactics (drill animation)
In a Tactic module, you can animate drills or play alternatives. Convinient use contains drill presentation during tactic sessions.

  • Connect drill with movie or audio file
  • Preview mode for quick presentation
  • Easy sharing and migration (local and cloud)
  • Backup functions
  • Gym module (symbols for gym practises):



Do you wanna to use DrillBook on one computer only. You are not planning to share your drills with colleagues or use advanced cloud services? Your are not planning to upgrade application for newer versions and one year of support is enough for you?

In that case STANDARD version is right for you. Purchase license for  55 EUR and use support and applications upgrades for one year.

Pro (available from 1Q 2018)

Are you using two computers for your creation? Do you plan to share your drills and practise plans with colleagues, do you prefer 100% data protection? Do you plan upgrade to every new version of application in the future?

In that case use PROFI license. For 38 EUR / 1 year and you get two linceses for two computers, lifetime support and upgrades of your DrillBooks and protection of your data in cloud.

Finding solution for Mac or tablet? Do you prefer drill sharing with more coaches? 
Check our online application DrillChange

DrillBook MINI

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  • Graphic practise
  • Tréninkové plány
  • Taktika
  • Video
  • Prohlížeč cvičení




30 days
  • Trial version for 30 days
  • Support
  • Unlimited No. of drills
  • Limited functions
  • Required Windows 7, 8, 10

Pro 1+1 license


1 year, annual payment
  • License for 1+1 PCs
  • Upgrades (lifetime)
  • Support (lifetime)
  • Unlimited No. of drills
  • Cloud services
  • Required Windows 7, 8, 10
Available from 1Q 2018
Version 2.10.1 (29th August 2017):
- Translation improvement.

Version 2.10.0 (10th July 2017):
- Text format option in Diary.
- Engine optimalization.

Version 2.9.5 (31st May 2017):
- Bulk data overwriting while recovery.

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